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Slide Rail Shoring


With slide rail shoring with rolling struts, the individual shoring components are only combined to form a closed shoring wall when they are actually in the trench.

Plates, slide rails and rolling struts are slidable parallel to one another. The trench remains the same width at all times during the construction phase. This significantly reduces the forces required during installation and removal. There is less vibration and the shoring itself is virtually free of settling.

The rolling struts’ H-shaped design ensures perfect conditions in all work phases. During installation, the rolling strut is in the lower range of the slide rail, providing the excavator operator with a clear view, meaning a short boom can be used.

The large strut clearance heights represent another advantage. These are infinitely adjustable during the pipe-laying process. Distance pieces enable you to realise the required working width. Depending on the depth of the trench, customers can choose between a single, double or triple slide rail trench shoring system.

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