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The advantage of roll forming is that the material can be cold formed. The crystalline structure is modified, ensuring greater strength. The yield point in particular is increased (up to 50% greater compared to the basic material). At the same time, the ultimate strain and notched impact strength are reduced.

Additional safety buffers are achieved by increasing the permitted tension. Our trench sheets’ buckling resistance is achieved on the bending radii in particular, where in heavy soils the danger of deformation and twisting is the greatest. The result is their great durability.

Our rolled profiles fulfil the highest quality standards. The basic material is hot wide strip, which both the manufacturer and ourselves inspect for its quality before it is processed. In our profile rolling mill, the sheets are produced on machines which meet the latest state of profiling technology, and they are subjected to continuous quality control inspections.

SBH rolled profiles are successfully used all over the world. In our factory in Heinsberg, Germany, we roll trench sheets and interlocking profiles of the widest variety of sizes and dimensions in our own cold rolling mill. With a wide range of series-produced rolled sections, we have the appropriate products for the widest range of different construction projects.

And we can of course produce custom rolled profiles upon request.