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We create the structural engineering calculation required for your project’s shoring (auditable, audited or ‘EBA certified’).

Our own in-house technical office assists and supports you with the planning of technically safe, economical and demanding shoring projects, from the beginning to the completed implementation calculations. This guarantees a smooth, solutions-orientated and flexible working partnership. We create the static calculations, with relevant drawings or implementation plans, in 2D or 3D.

Only the construction site-related statics calculation gives you legal certainty in respect of your customer. This calculations helps ensure the suitability of the shoring elements and shoring systems. Accidents can be prevented and any existing buildings, supply lines or traffic routes receive optimum protection.

An examination on the basis of a static provides safety to all involved parties, whether in or out of the trench.

When we produce a site-related statics certificate, we take into account the influencing factors determined on site. We ensure the shoring’s static efficiency is optimised to the full. This enables us to determine the shoring type and optimal shoring components, in order to increase the economic benefits for you.


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