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Drag Box Series 650

The Drag Box has been designed for trench shoring projects in open terrain and with stable soils, and only secures a small area for laying the pipes. The end faces remain unshored, and must be sloped according to ground conditions.

Further excavation of soil takes place ahead, and the Drag Box is pulled through the excavated trench to the new working position. The area behind the box is filled and compacted, while pipe laying occurs in the area protected by the shoring plates.


  • In open terrain 
  • No pipes/cables crossing 
  • Where it cannot be affected by buildings and physical structures 
  • Where it cannot be affected by roads or thoroughfares and away from endangered cables 
  • In temporary stable soils 
  • In dry ground 
  • With mechanical compacting from above 
  • When settlement can be accepted

Drag Box Series 650 - 3D

Drag Box Series 650 in action

max. installation depth
up to 3,00 m

trench width
1,15 - 6,15 m

working width
0,90 - 2,90 m

spindle clearance height  (hc)
1,82 m

mobile and chain excavator
30,0 - 50,0 t

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